Golden Boot FIFA World Cup 2022 | Best Ever Contest for Golden Boot in FIFA World Cup

Golden Boot FIFA World Cup 2022 | Best Ever Contest for Golden Boot in FIFA World Cup

Golden Boot FIFA World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup 2022 has come to an end. The FIFA World Cup Qatar will be one of the best tournaments in the history of FIFA World Cups played till now. The final match Argentina vs France will be in the memories of football fans worldwide, for a long time. There is a neck-and-neck fight for the Golden Boot award, till the last moment of the match. This shows the high standards, competition and skill level in football at the international level.

FIFA and the Organizing committee of FIFA World Cup 2022, the Government of Qatar has done tremendously well and ensured this biggest event of Football a great success.

The Participating Teams on the other hand did their best, fight till the end, and showed the spirit to win. Most of the matches are hard-fought, and many of the matches went to the wire, and the result was declared based on the penalty shoot-out.

Golden Boot
Kylian Mbappe Golden Boot FIFA World Cup 2022

Golden Ball Contenders in the FIFA World Cup 2022

The adidas Golden Ball will be awarded to the best all-round player at the FIFA World Cup based on the performance in the tournament.

Before the beginning of the FIFA World Cup 2022, the strong contenders for the Golden Ball are Lionel Messi (Argentina), Kylian Mbappe (France), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium), Neymar (Brazil), Harry Kane (England).

But as the tournament started and progressed into the Round of 16, Quarter Finals, and Semi-Finals stages, new players came into the race for the Golden Ball. Players like Julian Alvarez of Argentina and Olivier Giroud of France came into the limelight and they are in the race as their teams entered the finals.

Ultimately the Star of Argentina Lionel Messi was the winner of the Golden Ball for his all-round performance in this world cup.

If we see the history of the last six World Cups, the bitter news about Golden Ball is, the winner of the Golden Ball award is not from the winning team of the FIFA World Cup. But this trend was reversed in this world cup, as Lionel Messi won the Golden Ball from the winning team Argentina.

Golden Boot Contenders in the FIFA World Cup 2022

The player who scores the most goals in the Final will be awarded the Golden Boot. Before the Final match, Lionel Messi and Mbappe were tied with 4 goals each. Olivier Giroud of France with 0 assists and 424 minutes played and Julian Alvarez from Argentina with 0 assists, 466 minutes played are also tied with these two stalwarts.

But the main tussle for the Golden Boot is between Mbappe, and Messi as they are in peak form, and both are tied at Four goals before the Final Match. The tussle continued as the match progressed, initially, it was Messi with the lead as he converted one penalty and scored another goal to take his tally to 6.

But then Mbappe’s magic started. He first converted a penalty, then within 90 seconds, he scored another and in extra time scored one more, creating history by becoming the first man in FIFA World Cup Final to score a hat trick.

This is the Second World Cup for the 24-year-old French Forward Mbappe. He is the first from France to win this award. He has now a total of 12 goals in the two world cups that he has played so far.

Kylian Mbappe Golden Boot Winner FIFA World Cup 2022

8 goals – Kylian Mbappe (France) – 2 assists, 597 minutes played
7 goals – Lionel Messi (Argentina) – 3 assists, 690 minutes played
4 goals – Olivier Giroud (France) – 0 assists, 424 minutes played Julian Alvarez (Argentina) – 0 assists, 466 minutes played

Golden Boot Winners in FIFA World Cups

1930: Guillermo Stabile (8 goals)

1934: Oldrich Nejedly (5)

1938: Leonidas da Silva (7)

1950: Ademir de Menezes (9)

1954: Sandor Kocsis (11)

1958: Just Fontaine, France (13)

1962: Florian Albert, Garrincha, Valentin Ivanov, Drazan Jerkovic, Leonel Sanchez and Vava (4)

1966: Eusebio (9)

1970: Gerd Muller (10)

1974: Grzegorz Lato (7)

1978: Mario Kempes (6)

1982: Paolo Rossi (6)

1986: Gary Lineker (6)

1990: Toto Schillaci (6)

1994: Oleg Salenko and Hristo Stoichkov (6)

1998: Davor Suker (6)

2002: Ronaldo (8)

2006: Miroslav Klose (5)

2010: Thomas Muller (5)

2014: James Rodriguez (6)

2018: Harry Kane England (6)

2022: Kylian Mbappe France (8)


What is a Golden Boot in soccer?

The player who scores the most goals in the Final will be awarded the Golden Boot. If two or more players, scored the same goals then the number of assists will be taken into consideration, to decide the Golden Boot winner. If still tied, then the player who played less number of minutes will be declared the winner. Silver Boot and Bronze Boot will be given to the second and third-highest goalscorers, respectively.

Who won Golden Boot in FIFA?

Kylian Mbappe of France won the Golden Boot of the FIFA World Cup 2022. He scored 8 goals in this world cup overall, includint a Hattrick in the fianal against Argentina.

Who is the top scorer in the world 2022?

Kylian Mbappe the French Forward has scored 8 goals and top scorer in FIFA World Cup 2022.

Why do footballers get called Goat?

GOAT is the abbreviation in sports for the word Greatest Of All Time

Who won Golden Glove in FIFA 2022?

Martinez of Argentina have won the Golden Glove in FIFA 2022

Argentina vs France FIFA World Cup 2022 Final – Video Courtesy Jio Cinema/YouTube


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