FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Highlights | Best Moment of FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Highlights | Best Moment of FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Highlights

FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Highlights
FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Highlights

In one of the best finals of the FIFA World Cups, Argentina have won the FIFA World Cup 2022 by beating  France in the penalty shoot out by 4-2.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Highlights

Argentina vs France FIFA World Cup 2022 Final Video Courtesy Jio Cinema/YouTube


Argentina – Lionel Messi  23 rd minute penalty, Angel Di Maria in 36 th minute,  Lionel Messi 109 th minute.

France: Kylian Mbappe 80th minute by penalty, 118 th minute by penalty, 81st minute

Ball Possession:     Argentina 42%    France 38%

Attempts at Goal: Argentina 20        France 10

Match Result: Argentina Beat France 4-2. Argentina is the New World Champion.

Golden Boot:                   Kylian Mbappe France

Golden Ball Award:     Lionel Messi  Argentina

Young Player Award: Enzo Fernandez Argentina

Golden Glove Award: Martinez Argentina

Player of the Match: Lionel Messi Argentina

What happened till now in FIFA World Cup 2022 is summarized in the following table, with links to the FIFA World Cup 2022 match highlights videos (Courtesy FIFA).

FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Highlights

DateMatch Match DetailsLink to Highlights
Sunday Dec 18FinalArgentina Won by 4-2 in Penalty Shoot outHighlights
Saturday, Dec 17Play Off for 3, 4th PostionCroatia 2 Morocco 1Highlights
Thurday Dec 15SFFrance 2 Morocco 0Highlights
Wednesday Dec 14SFArgentina 3 Croatia 0Highlights
Saturday, Dec 10.QFEngland 1 France 2Highlights
Saturday, Dec 10.QFMorocco 1 Portugal 0Highlights
Friday, Dec. 9QFArgentina 2 Netherlands 2 (4-3 pens, aet)Highlights
Friday, Dec. 9QFBrazil 1 Croatia 1 (2-4 pens, aet)Highlights
Tuesday Dec. 6R16Portugal 6 Switzerland 1Highlights
Tuesday, Dec. 6R16Morocco 0 Spain 0 (3-0 pens, aet)Highlights
Monday, Dec. 5R16Japan 1 Croatia 1 (1-3 pens, aet)Highlights
Monday, Dec. 5R16Brazil 4 South Korea 1Highlights
Monday, Dec. 5R16England 3 Senegal 0Highlights
Sunday, Dec. 4R16France 3 Poland 1Highlights
Saturday, Dec. 3R16Argentina 2 Australia 1Highlights
Saturday, Dec. 3R16Netherlands 3 USA 1Highlights
Friday, Dec. 2GCameroon 1 Brazil 0Highlights
Friday, Dec. 2GSerbia 2 Switzerland 3Highlights
Friday, Dec. 2HGhana 0 Uruguay 2Highlights
Friday, Dec. 2HSouth Korea 2 Portugal 1Highlights
Thursday, Dec. 1ESpain 1 Japan 2Highlights
Thursday, Dec. 1EGermany 4 Costa Rica 2Highlights
Thursday, Dec. 1FBelgium 0 Croatia 0Highlights
Thursday, Dec. 1FCanada 1 Morocco 2Highlights
Wednesday, Nov. 30CPoland 0 Argentina 2Highlights
Wednesday, Nov. 30CSaudi Arabia 1 Mexico 2Highlights
Wednesday, Nov. 30DAustralia 1 Denmark 0Highlights
Wednesday, Nov. 30DTunisia 1 France 0Highlights
Tuesday, Nov. 29ANetherlands 2 Qatar 0Highlights
Tuesday, Nov. 29AEcuador 1 Senegal 2Highlights
Tuesday, Nov. 29BIran 0 USA 1Highlights
Tuesday, Nov. 29BWales 0 England 3Highlights
Monday, Nov. 28HPortugal 2 Uruguay 0Highlights
Monday, Nov. 28GBrazil 1 Switzerland 0Highlights
Monday, Nov. 28HSouth Korea 2 Ghana 3Highlights
Monday, Nov. 28GCameroon 3 Serbia 3Highlights
Sunday, Nov 27.ESpain 1 Germany 1Highlights
Sunday, Nov 27.FCroatia 4 Canada 1Highlights
Sunday, Nov 27.FBelgium 0 Morocco 2Highlights
Sunday, Nov 27.EJapan 0 Costa Rica 1Highlights
Saturday, Nov. 26CArgentina 2 Mexico 0Highlights
Saturday, Nov. 26DFrance 2 Denmark 1Highlights
Saturday, Nov. 26CPoland 2 Saudi Arabia 0Highlights
Saturday, Nov. 26DTunisia 0 Australia 1Highlights
Friday, Nov. 25BEngland 0 USA 0Highlights
Friday, Nov. 25ANetherlands 1 Ecuador 1Highlights
Friday, Nov. 25AQatar 1 Senegal 3Highlights
Friday, Nov. 25BWales 0 Iran 2Highlights
Thursday, Nov 24.GBrazil 2 Serbia 0Highlights
Thursday, Nov. 24HPortugal 3 Ghana 2Highlights
Thursday, Nov. 24HUruguay 0 South Korea 0Highlights
Thursday, Nov. 24GSwitzerland 1 Cameroon 0Highlights
Wednesday, Nov. 23FBelgium 1 Canada 0Highlights
Wednesday, Nov. 23ESpain 7 Costa Rica 0Highlights
Wednesday, Nov. 23EGermany 1 Japan 2Highlights
Wednesday, Nov. 23FMorocco 0 Croatia 0Highlights
Tuesday, Nov. 22DFrance 4 Australia 1Highlights
Tuesday, Nov. 22CMexico 0 Poland 0Highlights
Tuesday, Nov. 22DDenmark 0 Tunisia 0Highlights
Tuesday, Nov. 22CArgentina 1 Saudi Arabia 2Highlights
Monday, Nov. 21BUSA 1 Wales 1Highlights
Monday, Nov. 21ASenegal 0 Netherlands 2Highlights
Monday, Nov. 21BEngland 6 Iran 2Highlights
Sunday, Nov. 20AQatar 0 Ecuador 2Highlights
FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Highlights
FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Highlights – Lionel Messi & Co lifting the FIFA World Cup 2022

Argentina vs France FIFA World Cup 2022 Final Video Courtesy Jio Cinema/YouTube

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