BWF Calendar 2023 | BWF Badminton Tournaments Schedule 2023

BWF Calendar 2023 | BWF Badminton Tournaments Schedule 2023

BWF Calendar 2023

The Badminton World Federation BWF the apex body for Badminton in the whole world has issued the BWF Calendar 2023. As per the BWF Calendar 2023, a total of 172 tournaments will be organized in various parts of the world. These events are scheduled on different continents, different nations spread throughout the year.

There will be five BWF Tour Super 100 as per the BWF Badminton Tournaments Schedule 2023. Each will be played in India, USA, Vietnam, Canada, and Indonesia.

There will be Six BWF Tour Super 300 tournaments that will be played in one each in India, Switzerland, China, Taipei, and Australia, and two tournaments in Germany.

There will be Six BWF Tour Super 500 tournaments as part of BWF Calendar 2023 to be played in various part of the world. BWF Tour Super 500 tournament will be hosted by India, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and South Korea.

As per the BWF Badminton Tournaments Schedule 2023, BWF has planned four BWF World Tour Super 750 tournaments. These tournaments will be played in Malaysia, Japan, Denmark, and France.

The BWF Calendar 2023 includes the prestigious BWF World Tour Super 1000 tournaments. The Super 1000 tournaments will be conducted at England The All England Open Badminton Championships and the other at Indonesia.


BWF Calendar 2023
BWF Calendar 2023

BWF Badminton Tournaments Schedule 2023

1YONEX-SUNRISE India Open 202211 to 16 Jan, 2023INDIANew DelhiHSBC BWF World Tour Super 500$400,000
2YONEX Estonian International 202213 to 16 Jan, 2023ESTONIATallinnInternational Series$5,000
3Syed Modi India International 202218 to 23 Jan 2023INDIALucknowHSBC BWF World Tour Super 300$150,000
4VICTOR Swedish Open 202220 to 23 Jan 2023SWEDISHuppsalaInternational Series$5,000
5Odisha Open 202225 to 30 Jan 2023INDIACuttackBWF Tour Super 100$75,000
6VICTOR Ukraine Open 202227 to 30 Jan 2023UKRAINEKyivInternational Challenge$15,000
1Iran Junior International Series 202202 to 06 Feb, 2023IRANShirazJunior International Series-
230th Iran Fajr International Challenge 202207 to 11 Feb, 2023IRANShirazInternational Challenge$25,000
312th MULTI ALARM Hungarian Junior International Championships 2022 presented by VICTOR10 to 13 Feb, 2023SWEDISHPécsJunior International Series-
4All Africa Men's & Women's Team Championships 202214 to 17 Feb, 2023UGANDAKampalaContinental Team Championships-
5Badminton Asia Team Championships 202215 to 20 Feb, 2023MALAYSIAShah AlamContinental Team Championships-
6Pan Am M&F Cup 202217 to 20 Feb 2023MEXICOAcapulcoContinental Team Championships-
7All Africa Individual Championships 202218 to 20 Feb, 2023UGANDAKampalaInternational Challenge-
8Uganda International 202224 to 27 Feb 2023UGANDAKampalaInternational Challenge$15,000
9Uganda Junior International 202228 Feb to 02 Mar 2023UGANDAKampalaJunior Future Series$1,000
1Spanish Para Badminton International II 202201 to 06 Mar, 2023SPAINVitoriaBWF Para Badminton International Level 2-
2Slovak Open 202202 to 05 Mar, 2023SLOVEKIATrencinFuture Series-
3YONEX GAINWARD German Open 202208 to 13 Mar, 2023GERMANYMuelheim an der RuhrHSBC BWF World Tour Super 300$180,000
457 Portugal International Championships 202210 to 13 Mar, 2023PORTUGALCaldas da RainhaInternational Series$10,000
5YONEX All England Open Badminton Championships 202216 to 20 Mar, 2023ENGLANDBirminghamHSBC BWF World Tour Super 1000$1,000,000
6YONEX Swiss Open 202222 to 27 Mar, 2023SWITZERLANDBaselHSBC BWF World Tour Super 300$180,000
7Polish Open 202224 to 27 Mar, 2023POLANDArłamówInternational Challenge$15,000
8AMOT Israel Junior 202224 to 26 Mar, 2023ISRAELRishon Le ZionJunior International Series-
9Orleans Masters 202229 Mar to 03 Apr, 2023USAOrleansBWF Tour Super 100$90,000
1Korea Open Badminton Championships 202205 to 10 Apr, 2023SOUTH KOREASuncheonHSBC BWF World Tour Super 500$360,000
2ADIDAS Alpes International U19 202207 to 10 Apr, 2023FRANCEVoironJunior International Series-
32022 Gwangju YONEX Korea Masters12 to 17 Apr, 2023CHINAGwangjuHSBC BWF World Tour Super 300$180,000
4II Mexican International Challenge 202212 to 16 Apr, 2023MEXICOAguascalientesInternational Challenge$15,000
5FZ FORZA Dutch International 202213 to 16 Apr, 2023NETHERLANDSWateringenInternational Series$10,000
6Cyprus Junior 202215 to 17 Apr, 2023CYPRUSNicosiaJunior International Series-
7Brazil Para Badminton International 202219 to 24 Apr, 2023BRAZILSao PauloBWF Para Badminton International Level 2-
82022 European Championships25 to 30 Apr, 2023SPAINMadridContinental Individual Championships-
9XXV Pan Am Individual Championships 202226 to 29 Apr, 2023EL SALVADORSan SalvadorContinental Individual Championships-
10Badminton Asia Championships 202226 Apr to 01 May, 2023PHILIPPINESManilaContinental Individual Championships-
11VICTOR Oceania Championships 2022 (New dates)28 Apr to 01 May, 2023AUSTRALIAMelbourneContinental Individual Championships-
12FZ FORZA Stockholm Junior 202229 Apr to 01 May, 2023SWEDENTäbyJunior International Series-
1YONEX Luxembourg Open 202205 to 08 May, 2023LUXEMBOURGLuxembourgInternational Series$5,000
2TotalEnergies BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 202208 to 15 May, 2023THAILANDBangkokGrade 1 - Team Tournaments-
3YONEX 3 Borders International U19 2022 (New dates)13 to 15 May, 2023FRANCESaint LouisJunior International Series-
4Bahrain Para Badminton International 202216 to 21 May, 2023BAHRAINManamaBWF Para Badminton International Level 2-
5GR TOYOTA GAZOO RACING Thailand Open 202217 to 22 May, 2023THAILANDBangkokHSBC BWF World Tour Super 500$360,000
6YONEX Slovenia International 202218 to 21 May, 2023SLOVENIAMariborInternational Series$5,000
7SEA Games 2021 ( Individual Event)19 to 22 May, 2023VIETNAMBac GiangMulti-Sport Games-
84th Fazza Dubai Para Badminton International 202224 to 29 May, 2023UAEDubaiBWF Para Badminton International Level 2-
9Austrian Open 202226 to 29 May, 2023AUSTRIAGrazInternational Series$5,000
10IBERDROLA Spanish Junior International 2022 (New dates)27 to 29 May, 2023SPAINGandiaJunior International Series-
1Italian International 202202 to 05 Jun, 2023ITALYMilanInternational Challenge$15,000
2Danish Junior Cup 202203 to 05 Jun, 2023DENMARKGentofteJunior International Series-
3DAIHATSU Indonesia Masters 202207 to 12 Jun, 2023INDONESIAJakartaHSBC BWF World Tour Super 500$360,000
4XII Santo Domingo Open 2022 (New dates)08 to 12 Jun, 2023DOMINICAN REPUBLICSanto DomingoInternational Series$5,000
52022 YONEX Canada Para Badminton International08 to 12 Jun, 2023CANADAOttawaBWF Para Badminton International Level 1-
6VICTOR Denmark Masters 2022 (New dates)09 to 12 Jun, 2023DENMARKHillerødInternational Challenge$25,000
7RSL Lithuanian International 202209 to 12 Jun, 2023LITHUANIAPanevezysFuture Series-
8EAST VENTURES Indonesia Open 202214 to 19 Jun, 2023INDONESIAJakartaHSBC BWF World Tour Super 1000$1,200,000
9YONEX Bonn International 202215 to 18 Jun, 2023GERMANYBonnFuture Series-
10Croatia VALAMAR Junior Open 202216 to 19 Jun, 2023CROATIADubrovnikJunior International Challenge-
11Pacific Mini Games 2022 (Non WR Tournament)17 to 25 Jun, 2023USASaipanOther-
12Croatia Open 202220 to 23 Jun, 2023CROATIADubrovnikFuture Series$1,000
13Nantes International Challenge 202223 to 26 Jun, 2023FRANCERezéInternational Challenge$15,000
14LI-NING Bulgaria Junior Open Championship 202223 to 26 Jun, 2023BULGARIAPazardzhikJunior International Challenge-
15PETRONAS Malaysia Open 202228 Jun to 03 Jul, 2023MALAYSIAKuala LumpurHSBC BWF World Tour Super 750$675,000
1Faroe Games Junior International 202201 to 03 Jul, 2023DENMARKTórshavnJunior International Series-
2PERODUA Malaysia Masters 202205 to 10 Jul, 2023MALAYSIAKuala LumpurHSBC BWF World Tour Super 500$360,000
3Bulgaria Junior International 202211 to 13 Jul, 2023BULGARIASvilengradJunior International Series-
44 Nations Para Badminton International 202211 to 17 Jul, 2023IRLEANDDublinBWF Para Badminton International Level 1-
5Singapore Open 202212 to 17 Jul, 2023SINGAPORESingaporeHSBC BWF World Tour Super 500$370,000
6SAINT-DENIS Réunion Open 202213 to 17 Jul, 2023FRANCESaint DenisInternational Challenge$25,000
7XXX Pan Am Junior Championships 2022 Team14 to 16 Jul, 2023DOMINICAN REPUBLICSanto DomingoContinental Junior Team Championships-
8XXX Pan Am Junior Championships 2022 U1918 to 22 Jul, 2023DOMINICAN REPUBLICSanto DomingoContinental Junior Individual Championships-
9YONEX Taipei Open 202219 to 24 Jul, 2023TAIPEITaipeiHSBC BWF World Tour Super 300$500,000
10Turkey Junior 2022 (New dates)21 to 24 Jul, 2023TURKEYAnkaraUpgraded Junior Future Series-
11VICTOR Oceania Para Badminton Championships 202229 Jul to 31 Aug, 2023AUSTRALIAMelbournePara Badminton Continental Championships-
1Birmingham 2022 - XXII Commonwealth Games03 to 08 Aug, 2023ENGLANDBirminghamOther-
3IBERDROLA Spanish Junior Open 2022 (New Dates)12 to 13 Aug, 2023SPAINOviedoJunior International Series-
4MONNIS Mongolia International Challenge 202216 to 21 Aug, 2023MANGOLIAulaanbaatarInternational Challenge$15,000
5Thailand Para Badminton International 202216 to 20 Aug, 2023THAILANDPattayaBWF Para Badminton International Level 1-
62022 European Junior Team Championships18 to 22 Aug, 2023SERBIABelgradeContinental Junior Team Championships-
7TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 202222 to 28 Aug, 2023JAPANTokyoGrade 1 - Individual Tournaments-
82022 European Junior Championships22 to 27 Aug, 2023SERBIABelgradeContinental Junior Individual Championships-
9KOTAK India Junior International Series 202223 to 28 Aug, 2023INDIAHyderabadJunior International Series-
10FOX's Indonesia Para Badminton International 202223 to 28 Aug, 2023INDONESIAYogyakartaBWF Para Badminton International Level 3-
11VICTOR Future Series Nouvelle-Aquitaine 202225 to 28 Aug, 2023FRANCEPessacFuture Series-
12Cameroon International 202225 to 28 Aug, 2023CAMEROONYaoundéInternational Series$10,000
13India Junior International Grand Prix 202230 Aug to 04 Sep, 2023INDIAPuneJunior International Grand Prix$15,000
14DAIHATSU YONEX Japan Open 202230 Aug to 04 Sep, 2023JAPANOsakaHSBC BWF World Tour Super 750$750,000
15II Mexico Future Series 202230 Aug to 04 Sep, 2023MEXICOCiudad de MexicoFuture Series-
16YONEX Latvia International 2022 (New dates)31 Aug to 04 Sep, 2023LATVIAJelgavaFuture Series-
1FZ FORZA U19 Irish Open 202202 to 04 Sep, 2023IRLEANDDublinJunior International Series-
2Malaysia Junior International Series 202206 to 11 Sep, 2023MALAYSIAPutrajayaJunior International Series$15,000
3VIII Guatemala Junior International 202206 to 11 Sep, 2023GUATEMALAGuatemalaJunior International Series-
4Polish U19 Open 202208 to 10 Sep, 2023POLANDGnieznoJunior International Challenge-
5Ukraine International 2022 (Postponed)08 to 11 Sep, 2023UKRAINEKharkivInternational Series$5,000
6Bénin International 202208 to 11 Sep, 2023BENINOuidahFuture Series-
7Asian Games 2022 (Postponed)10 to 25 Sep, 2023CHINAHangzhouOther-
8IBERDROLA Spanish International 2022 (New dates)12 to 15 Sep, 2023SPAINBlanca DonaFuture Series$2,500
9Bénin Junior International 202212 to 14 Sep, 2023BENINOuidahJunior Future Series-
10India Maharashtra International Challenge 202213 to 18 Sep, 2023INDIANagpurInternational Challenge$15,000
11Uganda Para Badminton International 202213 to 18 Sep, 2023UGANDAKampalaBWF Para Badminton International Level 3-
12Brazil International Series 202214 to 18 Sep, 2023BRAZILTeresinaInternational Series$5,000
13YONEX Belgian International 202214 to 17 Sep, 2023BELGIUMLeuvenInternational Challenge$25,000
14YONEX Slovenia Junior International 202216 to 18 Sep, 2023SLOVENIAOtocecJunior International Series-
15KAPAL API Indonesia International Series 202220 to 25 Sep, 2023INDONESIAYogjakartaInternational Series$5,000
16India Chattisgarh International Challenge 202220 to 25 Sep, 2023INDIARaipurInternational Challenge$15,000
17African Para Badminton Championships 202220 to 24 Sep, 2023UGANDAKampalaPara Badminton Continental Championships-
18ORLEN Polish International 202221 to 25 Sep, 2023POLANDLublinInternational Series$5,000
19YONEX Belgian Junior 202223 to 25 Sep, 2023BELGIUMHerstalJunior International Series-
20YONEX-SUNRISE Vietnam Open 202227 Sep to 02 Oct, 2023VIETNAMHochiminhBWF Tour Super 100$75,000
21MANSION SPORT Indonesia International Challenge 202227 Sep to 02 Oct, 2023INDONESIAYogjakartaInternational Challenge$15,000
22YONEX Canada Open 202227 Sep to 02 Oct, 2023CANADACalgaryBWF Tour Super 100$75,000
23VIII Guatemala International Series 202227 Sep to 02 Oct, 2023GUATEMALAGuatemalaInternational Series$5,000
24VICTOR Croatian International 202229 Sep to 02 Oct, 2023CROATIAZagrebFuture Series-
1YONEX Sydney International 202205 to 09 Oct, 2023AUSTRALIASydneyInternational Series$5,000
2Bulgarian International Championship 202206 to 09 Oct, 2023BULGARIASofiaFuture Series-
3YONEX German Ruhr U19 International 202210 to 13 Oct, 2023GERMANYMülheim an der RuhrJunior International Series-
4INFOSYS FOUNDATION India International Challenge 202211 to 16 Oct, 2023INDIABengaluruInternational Challenge$25,000
5MANSION SPORT Malang Indonesia International Challenge 202211 to 16 Oct, 2023INDONESIAMalangInternational Challenge$15,000
6Asian Para Games 2022 (Postponed)11 to 16 Oct, 2023CHINAHangzhouPara Badminton Continental Championships-
7YONEX Dutch Open 202212 to 16 Oct, 2023NETHERLANDSAlmereInternational Challenge$15,000
8YONEX Bendigo International 202212 to 16 Oct, 2023AUSTRALIAWest BendigoInternational Challenge$15,000
10Egypt International 202213 to 16 Oct, 2023EGYPTCairoInternational Series$10,000
11BWF World Junior Mixed Team Championships 202217 to 22 Oct, 2023SPAINSantanderGrade 1 – Junior Team Tournaments-
12KB FINANCIAL GROUP Indonesia Masters 202218 to 23 Oct, 2023INDONESIAMalangBWF Tour Super 100$81,000
13Denmark Open 2022 presented by VICTOR18 to 23 Oct, 2023DENMARKOdenseHSBC BWF World Tour Super 750$750,000
14LI NING Maldives International Challenge 202218 to 23 Oct, 2023MALDIVESMale'International Challenge$15,000
15Peru International Series 202219 to 23 Oct, 2023PERULimaInternational Series$5,000
17VICTOR Denmark Junior 202220 to 22 Oct, 2023DENMARKOdenseJunior International Series-
18VICTOR North Harbour International 202220 to 23 Oct, 2023NEW ZEALANDAucklandInternational Challenge$15,000
19Czech Open 202220 to 23 Oct, 2023CZECH REPUBLICPragueInternational Series$5,000
20BWF World Junior Championships 202224 to 30 Oct, 2023SPAINSantanderGrade 1 – Individual Junior Tournaments-
22YONEX French Open 202225 to 30 Oct, 2023FRANCEParisHSBC BWF World Tour Super 750$675,000
23YONEX Israel Open 202227 to 29 Oct, 2023ISRAELKibbutz HatzorFuture Series-
1VN DA THANH - FELET Vietnam International Series 202201 to 06 Nov, 2023VIETNAMDanangInternational Series$5,000
2PEMBANGUNAN JAYA RAYA Junior International Challenge 202201 to 06 Nov, 2023INDONESIATangerang SelatanJunior International Challenge$15,000
3HYLO Open 202201 to 06 Nov, 2023GERMANYSaarbrückenHSBC BWF World Tour Super 300$180,000
4HULIC DAIHATSU BWF Para Badminton World Championships 202201 to 06 Nov, 2023JAPANTokyoPara Badminton World Championships-
547th VICTOR FZ FORZA Hungarian International Championships 202202 to 05 Nov, 2023HUNGARYBudapestInternational Series$5,000
6RSL Lithuanian Junior 202204 to 06 Nov, 2023LITHUANIAVilniusJunior International Series-
7III Guatemala Future Series 202208 to 13 Nov, 2023GUATEMALAGuatemalaFuture Series-
8PETRONAS Malaysia International Series 2022 (New Dates)08 to 13 Nov, 2023MALAYSIAIpohInternational Series$10,000
9FZ FORZA Norwegian International 202210 to 13 Nov, 2023NORWAYSandefjordInternational Series$5,000
10YONEX Latvia Junior 202211 to 13 Nov, 2023LATVIASiguldaJunior International Series-
11SATHIO GROUP Australian Open 202215 to 20 Nov, 2023AUSTRALIASydneyHSBC BWF World Tour Super 300$180,000
12AIG FZ FORZA Irish Open 202216 to 19 Nov, 2023IRELANDDublinInternational Challenge$15,000
13Peru Challenge 202216 to 20 Nov, 2023PERULimaInternational Challenge$15,000
14Zambia International 202217 to 20 Nov, 2023ZAMBIALusakaFuture Series-
15Czech Junior 202218 to 20 Nov, 2023CZECH REPUBLICOrlovaJunior International Series-
16WONCHEON YONEX Korea Junior International Series 202221 to 27 Nov, 2023SOUTH KOREAMiryangJunior International Series$15,000
17Pan Am Para Badminton Championships 202222 to 26 Nov, 2023COLOMBIACaliPara Badminton Continental Championships-
18XIII Mexican International 202222 to 27 Nov, 2023MEXICOGuadalajaraInternational Series$5,000
19Bahrain International Series 202222 to 27 Nov, 2023BAHRAINManamaInternational Series$5,000
20Botswana International 202224 to 27 Nov, 2023BOTSWANALobatseFuture Series-
21YONEX Slovenia Future Series 202224 to 27 Nov, 2023SLOVEKIAMariborFuture Series-
22Slovak Junior 202225 to 27 Nov, 2023SLOVEKIATrencinJunior International Series-
23Welsh International Badminton Championships 202229 Nov to 03 Dec, 2023WALESCardiffInternational Challenge$15,000
24Peru Para Badminton International 202229 Nov to 04 Dec, 2023PERULimaBWF Para Badminton International Level 2-
25IV El Salvador International 202229 Nov to 04 Dec, 2023EL SALVADORSan SalvadorInternational Series$5,000
26ALSHARIF GROUP Bahrain International Challenge 202229 Nov to 04 Dec, 2023BAHRAINManamaInternational Challenge$15,000
273rd Iran Junior International Series 2022 (CANCELLED)30 Nov to 03 Dec, 2023IRANMahalatJunior International Series-
1South Africa International 202201 to 04 Dec, 2023SOUTH AFRICACape TownFuture Series-
2XIV Portugal Junior International 202202 to 04 Dec, 2023PORTUGALPortugalJunior International Series-
3South Africa Junior International 202205 to 07 Dec, 2023SOUTH AFRICACape TownJunior Future Series-
4YONEX Canadian International Challenge 2022 (New dates)06 to 11 Dec, 2023CANADAMarkham, TorontoInternational Challenge$15,000
5BAT - YONEX - C&L Pathumthani Junior International Series 202206 to 11 Dec, 2023THAILANDPathumthaniJunior International Series$5,000
7HSBC BWF World Tour Finals 202207 to 11 Dec, 2023THAILANDBangkokHSBC BWF World Tour Finals$1,500,000
8Malta International 2022 presented by VICTOR08 to 11 Dec, 2023MALTACospicuaFuture Series-
9YONEX Estonian Junior 202209 to 11 Dec, 2023ESTONIATartuJunior International Series-
10YONEX-SUNRISE Bangladesh Junior International Series 202212 to 15 Dec, 2023BANGLADESHDhakaJunior International Series$5,000
11All Africa Junior Team Championships 202212 to 14 Dec, 2023MAURITIUSRose HillContinental Junior Team Championships-
12PETRONAS Malaysia International Challenge 2022 (New Dates)13 to 18 Dec, 2023MALAYSIAIpohInternational Challenge$25,000
13All Africa Junior Individual Championships 202215 to 17 Dec, 2023MAURITIUSRose HillContinental Junior Individual Championships-
142023 European Mixed Team Championships - Qualification Group 515 to 18 Dec, 2023BULGARIASofiaContinental Team Championships-


HSBC BWF World Tour Finals 2022 – Video Courtesy BWF/YouTube


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